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Janani Shankar is an indie singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her tracks ‘Berlin’ and ‘Lights’, off of her first album ‘Blurred Portraits & Midnight Peeps’ were played on BBC Radio: The Asian Network. BBC Radio. BBC: The Asian Network also recently played tracks 'Wanderer’ and ‘Nightmares’ off her new EP ‘Vertigo.’ She has been hears on multiple college radio stations.. 

In High School, she was accepted into the Carnegie Hall Honors Choir in New York. Janani went to Girl’s Rock Camp in LA two consecutive years where she worked with and had mentors like Patty Schemel from Hole, Meg Toohey from The Cold and Lovely, Sara Bareilles, Raining Jane, and others. 

She sang with Gingger Shankar, once being at the World Peace Music at age 9. She sang onstage with The Smashing Pumpkins at The Gibson Amphitheatre in 2008. In 2009, she sang in the choir at The Sgt. Pepper Live Beatle’s Tribute show with Cheaptrick and other amazing artists. 

Janani has had her music licensed out to films like Circumstance by Maryam Keshavarz and sold on soundtracks.  

Janani has many musical influences in her life including Gingger Shankar, Norah Jones, her great grandmother Lakshmi Shankar and Ravi Shankar. Growing up around musicians she always loved concerts. She got to go see Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, Krist Novoselic, Rick Nielson from Cheaptrick, Ving Lee from Fear, Rick Springfield and hang out with them backstage in the Jimmy Kimmel greenroom (and was ecstatic about it). 

She writes her own music, telling her own stories.