Back to Pete's

I went back to Pete's Candy Store, this time alone, to hear some music. When I got there, this guy was singing and playing guitar. I think he goes by Robert Leslie. Man, that guy was pretty great. His voice was fantastic, he sounded like he belonged in Oasis or something. He covered a few songs, one being a Simon and Garfunkle song and he played some of his original stuff. Each set of lyrics was perfect for what the song was. He even hd a song about Justin Bieber, not hating on him, but acknowledging the fact that he never got a childhood, he never gets to make his own decisions and he is always in the public eye. Part of the lyrics went something like, "If I were to send you a postcard, would you be the one to write back?" and the rest were just brilliant as well. His voice catered to whatever he was singing, if it was a softer, more melodic song, his voice was extremely pretty and if it was a louder faster song, he could belt. The best part was, I talked to him after and he actually wasn't a douche bag! He was really nice and pretty charming. 

I looked him up as soon as I got home. This guy is definitely worth checking out, so here you go!

December 20, 2013