James Bay

James Bay is a young singer/songwriter from Hitchin, Hertfordshire in the UK. Wonderland Magazine wrote up a section on him which is how I heard about him. He studied at Brighton Institute of Modern Music for a year at the age of 19. He then dropped out and began wandering the streets of Brighton with a beaten up guitar on his shoulder and his stylish, signature black hat. He started playing shows every single night by just wandering the streets and walking into venues randomly with his guitar.  He also sang at a number of open-mic nights. He would play his original songs for anyone who was willing to listen, which as a songwriter, I can relate to. If your song can catch the attention of a room full of people, there is its stamp of approval right there. His raw, emotional songs and his pretty, raspy voice blend together perfectly to create songs that catch the attention of and are intrigueing to listeners around the world. James has just nearly finished touring the US and is about to tour the UK. I'm definitely going to try to see him, I suggest you all to do the same.

This is his most beautiful song in my opinion. It's called "Let It Go." I keep listening to it over and over again: 


December 8, 2014