I don't understand what is wrong with some men.. They have this sense of entitlement like we owe them something. They think they own us, we're their property. Some guys can't take a hint whatsoever. If I'm not responding to your texts repeatedly, for days on end, I probably don't want to talk to you. I want nothing to do with you. You need to leave me alone. I'm not interested and I owe you NO explanation as to why I'm not responding to you or where I have been. Some men think it's okay to just force themselves on women. They think they have the right to do whatever they please. If I say no, I mean no. If I say don't touch me, I mean Don't Touch Me. It has become so typical nowadays for a guy to just throw himself on a girl against her will, that many people actually consider it okay. So many girls just give in to asshole men who pressure them and it's not one bit okay. Even better though is the double standard with men and women. Men can do whatever they want and it's absolutely fine because they're men. A guy can throw himself at a girl and people see it as normal, but if a girl throws herself at a guy, she's either desperate, a slut or crazy. A guy can have sex with multiple womem and they get high fived, but if a girl does it she's a whore. And why? Because society has made it that way. If a girl gets raped, it's because she did something to provoke a man. That is the most disgusting peice of crap I've ever heard. If a girl gets raped, it's because the guy who did it is a monster and that is that. I don't care if I or anyone else is walking down the street completely nude, No man has the right to touch or do anything.

I am not saying all men are bad, there are many good men out there, kudos to you.

But the ones I just described should either fix their issues or go to hell.

July 10, 2014