Pete's Candy Store

My friend and I went down to Pete's Candy Store the other night to see my other friend's band, Skies, play, who were really great by the way. While we were walking there, I wasn't sure where we were going or if I had been there before. The area was pretty empty, but it looked a bit familiar. We found the little bar, walked in and sat down. It was dimly lit and the stage was in the back behind a door. When my other friend and her band came in, we went to the back room where the stage was. We walked into the narrow, hallway-like little room and I realized I had been there before. The last time I was there, I had had a bit to drink and I was messing around on that same stage. I love that little black stage so much, with the small, round bulbed light arched over it and the red surrounding walls. My friend and I sat right in the front, taking in all the music and writing in our little notebooks, her sipping on her gin and me on my whine. We watched my friend's band play and then this other girl, Antonette, who was also quite good. It was a pretty great night.

December 11, 2013