Valentine's Day at Ameoba Records

I spent Valentine's Day with two of my favorite loves, my wonderful aunt, and music. We went to Amoeba records and, for about an hour or two, immersed ourselves in the many different kinds of music around. Amoeba is, in my opinion, one of the greatest record stores on the planet, the one in Hollywood being the biggest. They probably have every singer/musician you can imagine. I'm a huge fan of jazz and rock, I just admire those types of music. Their jazz section is huge and has at least five or six rows of amazing, solid artists. Some of my personal favorites are Bille Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, the list could on and on. Their rock section though... wow. That, alone, is probably bigger than my entire house. They have probably have every band you could think of, old, new, well known, underground, punk, grunge, indie, one hit wonders, all time favorites, everything. They have such reasonable prices too. They actually have a section for rock that is under five dollars, and it's not just stuff nobody wants, it's amazing! I've bought so much fabulous music from that section, everything from Oasis, Nirvana and Simon and Garfunkel to bands with unbelievable sounds I've never heard before! I'm the type of person who likes to take a risk and buy music that has cool cover art and/or band names becaue I take an interest in it and am curious to hear the music. I usually discover some pretty great music that way. This time, I was feeling quite experimental and found two CDs of bands I had never heard of before. They had great artwork, one was French, (I actually found that in the French section) I liked the names and they were on sale, so hell yeah! Why not? I would highly suggest anyone who is into rock to take a listen to both of them actually. Les Sequelles is a French band that plays awesome 60's cocktail rock. I'm actually rocking out to it right now as I write this. The other band is called Dirty Pretty Things. It's an English band and they have a great sound, as well as lyrics and vocals. My aunt and I also have a love for French music, so we checked out the French section, as I mentioned before. My two favorite French singers are Josephine Baker and Edith Piaf. They had a lot of Edith, but we had a harder time finding Josephine. After looking in the Jazz and French section and discovering nothing, we asked an extremely accommodating employee who led us right to her in the pop vocal section. (Pop vocal? Really? She does not belong there) But there was indeed an entire section of her music! I don't think I've ever left Amoeba empty handed. So much temptation! I love it. Pretty well spent day. I would suggest anyone who hasn't been there to go immediately. (Yes, I have met those people) It's heaven on earth for anyone who loves music. Pretty well spent day. ;)

February 17, 2014