2015 has been a very interesting year. It definitely had its up and it's downs. I can't say that I'm too sad for it to be coming to an end, however, I am more than grateful for some of the incredible and inspiring people I came across this year, some who I am lucky enough to call friends now, as well the family I have had over the years. I spent most of 2015 in London, one of my absolute favorite cities in world. I have not really talked about my time in London, which is strange, because I almost always write about my travels on here. Aside from mentioning some things about my time in this city, I'm still not going to really talk about it fully in this post. That is for another blog post and another time. 

The other thing I'm going to talk about in this post is a band and a musical duo I discovered this year, two artists, each whose music I consider some of the best in this generation. The band is called Wolf Alice and the duo is called Oh Wonder. You may have heard one or both of these names at some point this past year and if you haven't or even if you already have, I'm sure you will be hearing them again and again in this next year.

London is a breathtakingly beautiful city when it comes to the architecture, the lights, and the amazing fews. It is also a fantastic city when it comes to music. They have a quite cool underground music scene there as well as an indie music scene. To any sort of creative person or artist, this city breathes music and art. London is also one of the most diverse cities in the entire world. People from everywhere go there for a number of different reasons, music, art, literature, career opportunities, to make more money than they can make in their own countries, to start a business, or, simply, because are just enamored with the city. It draws you to it with the wonderful people, the dazzling lights, and the inspiration in which the city swims. This is the case with me. I have always been in love with London. Since I was little, whenever anyone would ask me what my favorite city was, that would always be my answer. I spent time there when I was little. One stretch of time was spent there when my mother was working at Abbe Roads studio doing music for The Passion of The Christ with Mel Gibson. We also visited the city quite a bit. I never quite remembered what specifically made me answer that that was my favorite city, I just remember that it was. Now, after spending time there properly in the last few years, I can say that I am taken with the city because of it's beauty, the musical wonders and some of the inspiring, wonderful people I have been lucky enough to meet there. This last year, I made some friends there whom I will never forget and whom will always be very dear to me. I also came across some not so good people out there... Both things taught me a lot. A few things I learned are 1.) You should never be too trusting of people. Some of them will really end up screwing you over. 2.) It is okay to ask for help sometimes. If you don't, you could just end up in a worse situation  where you can't do anything about it anymore, or for a while at least. 3.) I learned how to really be myself and to be okay with that and to not give a damn about what anyone else thinks of that. 4.) I also learned how to speak up for myself.

These are four extremely important lessons I learned over the course of 2015, along with many others, which I will remember over the next few years as I am living my life and traveling and meeting new people. With that being said though, London is a truly wonderful and breathtaking city. It taught me so much, I met some amazing and inspiring people and I can't wait to go back.

Now, as I said earlier, I am going to mention two of my favorite artists who I discovered this year, both who are in fact from London themselves. The first one is Oh Wonder. They are a brilliant musical duo from London. I wrote a blog post about them a bit back. I definitely recommend that you check these guys out! Here is the link to my blog post: 


The second group is a band called Wolf Alice, who you may have heard of. They released their debut album, 'My Love Is Cool' this past June. I have been listening to that album on repeat for days on end. Their sound has an incredible range. Some of their songs remind me of Goldfrapp, some remind me of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, but altogether, they have a sound of their own. Ellie Rowsell, the lead singer, has a great talent when it comes to her range. She can do anything from screaming to singing softly and sweetly to belting out her notes. I just love the entire album 'My Love Is Cool.' but one song which stands out to me the most in 'Swallowtail,' written and sung mostly by the band's multi-talented drummer,  Joel Amey. It is a haunting and pretty song. 

Another one of my favorite songs of theirs is called 'Blush,' which if off of their Debut EP 'Blush.'

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a Happy Happy New Year as well as a wonderful 2016!!!! :)

See you next year!