Blurred Portraits and Midnight Peeps ;)

Hey guys!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

I'm just loving this new website! I think it looks much better than the old one!

I have very exciting news which I was going to wait until my December 18th show to announce, but I'm just going to post it on here now because I don't want to wait anymore. ;)

I have been in the studio working on my first album, 'Blurred Portraits and Midnight Peeps!'

I have finished recording it all and am now in the mixing stage! I am so excited for you all to hear it!! It is going to be full length with 14 tracks, some old tunes and some new that I wrote in London this past year. I am still working out a release date, but it will be sometime at the start of 2016, so keep your eyes out! ;)

My other extremely exciting news, which some of you may have already seen online is that I am starting up my own record label, Isadora. I have been really influenced by London and the underground and indie music scenes out there. They are amazing. Europe in general has a lot of amazing cities with incredible underground and indie music scenes. I am starting Isadora in LA, but I plan to expand it to New York very soon. Eventually, I want to take it to other cites such as London,  Berlin, Melbourne and Paris,  but the goal is to keep it fairly small and have it be home to some beautiful, unique and fun new indie and underground artist from around the world, as well as to introduce some more underground culture into the LA and NYC music scenes. I also plan to distribute all of my music myself and hold on to ownership 100% through Isadora. 

I'm so excited for these next few months!!! As soon as the album is fully finished and there is a set release date, I will you know!!!

Lots of love and have an amazing weekend!!!!