David Bowie

It was a real shock to come home last night and open up the news to find that David Bowie had passed away. I couldn't believe it. David Bowie was a multi-talented genius and one of the most influential, incredible musicians and songwriters to walk this earth. He created so many different songs which ranged from art rock to glam rock to pop to electronic and he did it with immense perfection and sophistication. 

I admire David Bowie as a songwriter and as an artist because of the way he could incorporate a certain emotion or desire into a song. He could easily spark these feelings through his music in ways many artists struggle to accomplish to this day. Each song of his speaks thoroughly for itself.

For an artist to write an album like 'Blackstar' when they know that their time to pass is coming, that was an extremely heartfelt and classy thing to do. He left us with this album letting us know that he was dying, but not because he wanted people to feel sorry for him, because he was an incredible artist and wanted to leave us with one last piece of art to ponder on. 

Look at the video for 'Lazarus,' it is not just a beautifully stunning and haunting piece of art, it was also David Bowie's way of telling us that he was sick. Watching it now, after realizing what he is telling us, is utterly heartbreaking and still unbelievable.

I don't really know what else to say since David Bowies art really speaks for himself... But the world has truly lost a legend and he will always be loved and remembered through his creations, his incredible persona and his inspirational and unique style of music which touched the lives of billions of people.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week everyone!